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07 December 2009 @ 04:18 pm
FYI, again  
Hey all just letting you now that The Hall of Fame has finally been updated w/ everyone's loverly icons. Which means we're one step closer to getting those banners to you all. I plan on working on them this week, so you will all definitely have them by the end of the year. Again, so sorry for the major delay, I'm like the only employee outside of the managers that actually gets things done at work, so my boss just loves to schedule me all the time.

Anyway, lets see some more claims shall we. We've got loads of new scifi on this season. Let's see there's teh new V, Flash Forward, SGU, and don't forget returning faves like Dollhouse, Fringe, Smallville among loads of others. Just mentioning these few since we've never had any icons done for them.