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The SciFi ABC's

The ABC's of SciFi & Fantasy

The Scifi ABC's
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The ABC's of Scifi & Fantasy in 100x100 format
About scifi_abc
Community Info

scifi_abc is an alphabet icon challenge for all things science fiction and fantacy. So that means, just like other 100 icon challenges you sign up for a subject and then must create 26 icons, 1 for each letter of the alphabet.

Moderator: tigerlylli
The Basics

1. JOIN us! Anyone can join, whether your an advanced icon making or just starting out. This is all for fun, and a great way to get in some practice. Even if you're not an icon maker, don't feel left out, you can join too and let those making the icons know how appreciated they are! BTW, joining does not give you posting access, we'll get to this in a minute.

2a. Submit your claim HERE. Check the list of current claims to make sure yours is not taken. If it's not, follow the submission rules in that post to make your claim. Each user may claim 2 subjects at one time, no more. Once your claim is accepted you will be granted posting access.
2b. Should your claim already be taken be sure to visit the WAIT LIST and submit your claim. Once it becomes available it's then all yours.

3. Icon time! You will have 1 month to fulfill your claim from the day it's approved. DO NOT post your icons until they are all completed, this means you will only make 1 post per claim.

4. After you post your icons be sure to visit the Hall of Fame 2009 and leave a comment following the submission rules in that post. You will receive a banner in reward for your hard work and be added to the list of completions.
The Rules

1. Any and all Science Fiction and Fantasy may be claimed. This inlcudes, but is not limited to: TV shows, movies, comic books, characters, objects, pairings, etc...

2. You may claim 2 subjects at the same time, but should you choose 2 you will not be granted any extentions, so be sure you want to do this.

3. This is an alphabet challenge, therefor you will have 26 icons, 1 for each letter of the alphabet (you may also make alternates should you not be able to make up your mind which you prefer). So, say your claim is Stargate, then "A" might be "Aphopis" or "accident", "B" might be "Ba'al" or "battered"...

4. When posting your icons post 2 or 3 teasers and put the rest behind a LJ-cut. I'd prefer if you posted all of your icons straight to scifi_abc, but it is not required. But if you do post them to your own and link from here to there, be sure the entry is not Friends-Locked in your community. Also, please post with the following:
- Topic:
- Subject:
- Additional Notes:

5. You have 1 month to fulfill your claim. So if you're approved on say the 7th of any month, you'll have until the 7th of the next month to get your icons in. Should you not post your icons by then your claim will be thrown out and back up for grabs. This shouldn't be too much to ask seeing as I'm giving you way more than enough time. I don't think making 1 icon a day with a few extra days is too much to ask. Extensions will be given should the scenario call for. I understand that r/l can throw lots of things at us when we least expect, I've been there. Simply leave a comment HERE with your claim information and the reason for your extension and the length you think you'll need. We'll see what we can do then.

6. Please attempt to keep your icons clean. Slash will be allowed, as well as minor explicit language, but be sure to put this in the Additonal Notes: of your post. Also, any claims that would be considered to have a PG13 or higher rating, please post in your own journal and link from here to there.

7. This really shouldn't need saying, but please make new icons just for this challenge, otherwise, what's the point... Text only icons are not allowed, what's the fun in that.. Also, icons must conform to LiveJournal standards: must be 100x100px, not exceed 40kb, and either jpg or png format

8. Please upload your icons to photobucket.com, imageshack is too unreliable. Also, don't move your icons unless you'll be coming back to change the links. I know I hate it when things are missing when I'm browsing old entries somewhere.
Troubleshooting & Help Center

Want to put your icons in a cute table but don't know how...
Have a question, or need help with something...

Visit the Troubleshooting & Help Center to find your answers.

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